What you expect from and what we are expected to fill in the ‘About us’ column of a company's profile is an exaggerated version of our capabilities and our value as a brand. Though it is tempting enough to follow the beaten path, we break from the norm not in the guise to be 'different' but merely to save you the trouble of sifting out fact from projection. We are not spending too much of our words to prove we are a big shot. We are not Apple or Microsoft. All that we claim is a sound intelligent vision backed up by passionate action. We believe we can invent and innovate.


Share Auto meter

This product is first of its kind, which no company has ever delivered in the market. The logic behind the product is simple. This meter works like any other ordinary Auto taxi meter when there is only one passenger/one family traveling in the Auto. When there are more than one passenger (who board/descent from same or different spots), the meter works separately for each passenger on a shared basis. Instead of stage system for share autos in some of the cities in India, our meter displays the rate card based on the distance traveled with sharing as well as without sharing. This means that any passenger can board or descent at any spot and the rate would be corresponding to distance traveled.


Kilippattu is a technology assisted Learning Aid which aims to improve the language skills like reading and writing of a child. This website uses phonetics to demonstrate how certain words are pronounced. Phonetics can be helpful for studying a language, especially languages that use letters that are silent or have multiple pronunciations. Languages like Arabic and Spanish are consistent in their spelling and pronunciation – each letter represents a single sound which rarely varies. English is different. It has many letters with two or more sounds and many letters that are silent. This approach also promotes higher order thinking among its young learners by exposing them to diverse scenarios and connecting learning to real life, thereby engaging them in critical thinking and reasoning.

My Study Park

My Study Park is a venture of LABOUR INDIA PUBLICATIONS, meant to make learning liberal, easy and quality oriented. In this era of digital learning, education can be made cost effective without compromising on the quality standards, and that exactly is the reason for the birth of this website. That to bring the best teachers of mathematics to any home and get privately tutored. We have three sets of courses, SSLC- which is meant for Xth standard Kerala syllabus , CBSE- which is meant for Xth standard CBSE syllabus and aptitude which contains all basic concepts of mathematics meant for any student as well as any one preparing for competitive exams. The course modules are divided into chapters and each chapter will contain videos which will explain the basic concepts associated with that chapter. Followed by that, there will be a set of problems in those chapters, and if you can’t solve that problem, you can easily learn the solution by viewing the video solutions.


Web Designing & Development

We know that getting that perfect look for your website is very important and essential for attracting and retaining your customers.

Software Development

Vedvistara offers a rich repertoire of software services to its clients seeking customized software solutions.

Mobile Application Development

Android Application is basically an operating system developed for smart phones to make their functioning smooth and user-friendly.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) can be defined as the process of optimizing web pages in order to make them more search engine friendly to achieve high ranking in the organic search results of a search engine for specific and relevant keywords or key phrases and help potential customers and visitors to find the website.

Web Hosting

Vedvistara provides you with the most trusted Web Hosting Services to create and establish your unique web identity. Our dedicated 24×7 tech-support comes up with 99.99% up-time. So here you get the assurance of complete web hosting solutions that is worth spending for.

Product development

Product development is just below the R&D layer in the protocol structure of any innovative business venture. Once a prototype is generated by the research wing, we do product cost optimization and product design. We often outsource this part of work to a sister concern of ours. Currently, we are developing a video screen for one of our clients.


Training department is run by experienced people from the IT industry (Accenture, Tech Mahindra, Oracle and more) – with a broad experience in delivery, L&D and related functions. We have based our offerings from IT industry perspective rather than ‘training’ perspective. We believe that talent transformation must be customized for each organization and must be a long term engagement. Our experience in the industry and passion for talent nurturing is what makes our offerings unique.

  • Corporate Transition – Getting students from the campus ready for the Corporate world in terms of Corporate Awareness, Corporate Life Skills and Technology/Domain Skills.
  • Leadership Transformation – Our focus is on the early levels of leadership, helping people move from being an individual contributor to a lead. We also help to transform the first time lead into the next level, an independent Project Manager.
  • Technology Talent Transformation – Todays industry thrives on new technologies, and the current hot one is IOT (Internet of Things), we have programs to build skills in this and other similar new technology areas.
  • Talent Management Consulting – We offer to help SME businesses setup some of their Talent Management processes (like Competency framework, Performance Management, Retention Management, L&D, etc)

Design consultancy

We are doing design consultancy works for other companies, where we deliver the technology as per the client requirements. We input our own business ideas into their products and incorporate it into the technical development process.


We have a research and development wing which focuses mainly on novel concepts that has a scope of mathematical applications. We do a technical viability study as well as preliminary financial viability study before the commencement of any such research works. Once the technical part of the research is complete, we conduct a detailed business viability analysis as well.



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Vedvistara is a premier Information Technology company that provides effective solutions in web designing and development, software development, mobile application development and internet marketing. We deliver premium solutions for a wide range of business around the world.

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